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Installing a SolarCoin Wallet

Go to the SolarCoin website and download the SolarCoin Wallet – for most people it will be the link ‘Download SolarCoin Core 2.1.8 for Windows’. Once downloaded, run the installer.

SolarCoin Windows Installer Initial Screenshot (Image: Flippener)
SolarCoin Windows Installer Initial Screenshot (Image: Flippener)

Press Next to go through the various steps of the installation (accept the terms of the License Agreement, select the install folder, install elements, etc.) accepting the defaults. On completion it will run the SolarCoin Wallet (SolarCoin-qt.exe). Initially no wallet will be found so select No (to import a wallet) and it will create you a new, empty wallet.

As often with an install (at least on Windows) you may be asked about allowing access through your firewall. With Private Networks only selected, click on Allow Access.

At this point the SolarCoin Wallet will launch. The first thing it will need to do is synchronise to the SolarCoin blockchain.

SolarCoin Wallet Synching (Image: Flippener)
SolarCoin Wallet Synching (Image: Flippener)

That will take some time to complete (about an hour, depending on your system and Internet speeds). You will then need to enter a password or phrase to continue – for example, you can get a good 16 character password from Passwords Generator. Record the password, then enter it into the SolarCoin app. As it says, if you lose the password you will lose access to your coins.

SolarCoin Wallet - Enter Password (Image: Flippener)
SolarCoin Wallet – Enter Password (Image: Flippener)

Once entered, the app will restart and ask you enter the password/phrase. It will then open up on an Overview page showing your current balance – zero (‘Unconfirmed’) at this point. It will likely be continuing to synchronise at this point (showing ‘Syncing…’ in the bottom status bar) so just let it run.

SolarCoin Wallet - Overview (Image: Flippener)
SolarCoin Wallet – Overview (Image: Flippener)

When it is finished (it may only take a few minutes) the status bar will read ‘In Sync’.

Next: How to Claim SolarCoins

My Thoughts on Gunbot

I’ve been asked if I think Gunbot is a scam and can generate 1% returns per day – here are my initial comments.

Gunbot Automatic Trading Bot (Image: Flippener)
Gunbot Automatic Trading Bot (Image: Flippener)

I own Gunbot and I’m pretty happy with it. You have to understand how it works though – basically it buys altcoins that are significantly below their average price then waits until they’ve gone up about 2% then sells them. After fees you’ve made 1%. It does that pretty well.

However, there can be days when no altcoins do that so you get nothing. And now and again the altcoin will keep going down so you can be left with a ‘bag’ of an altcoin you didn’t want. In most cases for me, the price has gone back up and the profit has been made – but that 1% maybe took a month to achieve.

So it works, it does what it says on the tin, but it’s small and steady gains rather than a moneymaking machine. Having said that, if you have quite a lot of BTC then 1% is significant – my Gunbot paid for itself in about 2 weeks.

I run mine on a free Amazon VPS because it needs to run 24/7.

Today I Was Given £250!

I love Cryptocurrency and am continually learning about it – but it can still surprise me. I have registered for a few airdrops but they usually only deliver small amounts of money.

eBTC logo
eBTC logo

However, about a week ago I signed up for the eBTC airdrop. Having received an email that said I had successfully registered I didn’t think too much more about it.

This weekend, though, having read about it being traded I realised that it had a significant value. It took a bit of doing but eventually I was able to sell it. First I registered it on MyEtherWallet, then imported that to the EtherDelta exchange. There I sold it for Ether, and transferred that to my Bitfinex trading acccount where I was able to sell it for Bitcoin.

Bottom line – it gained me about £250 worth of Bitcoin. Not a bad outcome for a simple airdrop!


After a few last minute hitches our work has paid off and the website is finally visible to the public! We hope you like it.

I Love Bitcoin and wording design (Image: Bitcoinula/Wikimedia)
I Love Bitcoin and wording design (Image: Bitcoinula/Wikimedia)

It will change significantly over the next few days – and in fact will continue to evolve over the next few weeks and months – as we improve and adapt it to match our vision of what the site can be. Our aim is to make it the best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency site online for British investors.

Why Bitcoin Investors UK?

I have been trading in Bitcoin for some time but still find that in the UK most people are unaware of it, or at least know nothing about it beyond its name. In other countries, particularly the US, China and Japan, it is increasingly being accepted.

Bitcoin ATM Identification Plate (Image: Mrnett1974/Wikimedia)
Bitcoin ATM Identification Plate (Image: Mrnett1974/Wikimedia)

Why is the UK behind? In fact, not just the UK but Europe? I don’t know, but I’ve created this website to give information about Bitcoin to those interested in the UK.

Bitcoin-Investors Launch

Welcome to the launch of! We’ve been busy behind the scenes for a while and are happy to finally be online. Our aim is to make this the primary place for all things Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for UK investors.

A graphic of the bitcoin digital currency (Image: Web-dev-chris/Wikimedia)
A graphic of the bitcoin digital currency (Image: Web-dev-chris/Wikimedia)

We’ll be covering Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news and views, plus reviews of trading and faucet sites, and looking at crypto lending and trading. We look forward to building up a community of like-minded individuals.