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My Thoughts on Gunbot

I’ve been asked if I think Gunbot is a scam and can generate 1% returns per day – here are my initial comments.

Gunbot Automatic Trading Bot (Image: Flippener)
Gunbot Automatic Trading Bot (Image: Flippener)

I own Gunbot and I’m pretty happy with it. You have to understand how it works though – basically it buys altcoins that are significantly below their average price then waits until they’ve gone up about 2% then sells them. After fees you’ve made 1%. It does that pretty well.

However, there can be days when no altcoins do that so you get nothing. And now and again the altcoin will keep going down so you can be left with a ‘bag’ of an altcoin you didn’t want. In most cases for me, the price has gone back up and the profit has been made – but that 1% maybe took a month to achieve.

So it works, it does what it says on the tin, but it’s small and steady gains rather than a moneymaking machine. Having said that, if you have quite a lot of BTC then 1% is significant – my Gunbot paid for itself in about 2 weeks.

I run mine on a free Amazon VPS because it needs to run 24/7.