Bitcoin (Image: Antana/CCBY-SA2)

How to Start in Bitcoin

Here’s a quick guide to how to get started with Bitcoin. You’ve heard about it, you like the sound of it, and you want to get your first Bitcoin or part of one.

Bitcoin (Image: Antana/CCBY-SA2)
Bitcoin (Image: Antana/CCBY-SA2)

If you just want to buy and own Bitcoin you just have to do the first two steps below. If you want to take it off the Internet and store it on your own computer and have full control over it, then also do the last two steps:

  1. How to Open a Coinbase Account to Buy Bitcoin (2024)
  2. How to Buy Your First Bitcoin on Coinbase
  3. How to Make a Bitcoin Wallet
  4. How to Send Bitcoin to a Wallet

Any questions, just ask in the comments below.