First SolarCoin Claim Arrives

If you have solar panels on your house you are eligible to receive free SolarCoins in proportion to how much energy you can generate (specifically each year you get your solar system’s capacity in kW multiplied by a fixed ratio of 1.314). I have previously described the process of installing a SolarCoin Wallet and shown how to register a claim for SolarCoins.

I went through these steps for the two solar arrays on my house (front and rear, installed at different times). Officially you should receive any coins you claim in the first week of the month following your claim.

I am pleased to confirm that my coins came through this week exactly on schedule. The amounts are almost exactly what I expected (the small discrepancies likely relate to whether you calculate the time the panels have been operating in years, months or weeks, for example).

First SolarCoin claim received (Image: Bitcoin Investors UK)
First SolarCoin claim received (Image: Bitcoin Investors UK)

The amounts I received were:

  • Rear roof: 33.9 coins (3.7kW x 7 years x 1.314)
  • Front roof: 18.6 coins (3.2kW x 4 years x 1.314)

The total came to 52.4775 SolarCoin which at their current value is worth about $18, so about £14.