Bitcoin Price Chart (Image: NikonD300/MaxPixel)

Citibank Analyst Puts Bitcoin Price Prediction: ‘As High as $318,000’

A senior Citibank analyst has made a grandiose prediction for Bitcoin in a recent note to institutional clients—even drawing comparisons with the gold market of the 1970s.

In brief
– A senior Citibank executive predicts Bitcoin may reach the six-figure price mark in 2021.
– Bitcoin’s rise has been similar to gold in the 1970s, the executive said.
– The rise of state-backed digital currencies also shows a changing regime, one that supports the growth of Bitcoin, he added.

Tom Fitzpatrick, a managing director at US bank Citibank, has predicted Bitcoin’s price may reach over $318,000 in 2021 as per a note to institutional clients last week. He called the move amidst an uncertain macro environment and its similarities to the gold market of the 1970s.

Bitcoin Price Chart (Image: NikonD300/MaxPixel)

While long called “digital gold” by crypto fanatics, Bitcoin has so far been a poor store of value (due to its infamous price swings) or medium of transfer and has emerged as a trading vehicle instead. However, as per Fitzpatrick, such a backdrop is exactly what primes the asset as one that would sustain an eventual “long-term trend.”

Using technical analysis—forecasting of future asset prices using past examples, similarities, and data—Fitzpatrick put out the six-figure Bitcoin prediction if it followed a similar trajectory of the past seven years.

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