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Bitcoin Rally Continues, Gaining More Than 80% This Year

The cryptocurrency extended its gains after another big jump on Tuesday, topping $30,000 for the first time since June.

Bitcoin is still the market’s runaway success story of the year. The cryptocurrency topped $30,000 on Tuesday for the first time since June.

Bitcoin Bull Market (Image:
Bitcoin Bull Market (Image:

Bitcoin has gained more than 80 percent in price this year, far outperforming many other assets. The Nasdaq 100, an index of the biggest tech stocks, has gained roughly 20 percent in that period — a strong showing but a far cry from Bitcoin’s resurgence.

The latest Bitcoin rally appears to be partly tied to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, which has included nine interest rate increases over the past year. Crypto asset prices sank a year ago as the central bank began to raise rates, but investors are now betting that the Fed will soon pause its rate increases, even though Fed officials have been suggesting the opposite, setting off a big rebound.

Bitcoin’s biggest gains also coincide with the turmoil in the banking sector. The cryptocurrency is up more than 45 percent since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last month. Industry advocates point to the recent rally as a sign that investors are converting some of their cash into digital currencies, though there is little evidence of that happening.

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